Online language learning

We offer our business partners worldwide varied foreign language courses and multiple possibilities for personalizing the learning process through the e-learning platform.

Awesome offers a Blended Learning training package that consists of an online platform, a virtual trainer and a dedicated project manager.


Language Testing

The purpose of the language testing process is to offer the client a clear perspective over the linguistic knowledge of the students or the candidates for employment.

Based on the results obtained following this process, the company can choose the best strategy and the most suitable approach to linguistic training or is able to make the right decision with regard to the employment of people who are adequate for the desired position. This represents the starting point for implementing a personalized courses system and for efficiently monitoring the performance of employees.


LMS Solutions

Awesome was created with the intent to not only offer an all-in-one, ready-to-go, competitive online learning solution but also become a custom LMS solutions provider for those organizations that have identified the need for such a bespoke tool and/or content.