Language Testing

The purpose of the language testing process is to offer the client a clear perspective over the linguistic knowledge of the students or the candidates for employment.

Based on the results obtained following this process, the company can choose the best strategy and the most suitable approach to linguistic training or is able to make the right decision with regard to the employment of people who are adequate for the desired position. This represents the starting point for implementing a personalized courses system and for efficiently monitoring the performance of employees.

The language testing process may be applied on a macro level (for the entire company), on a micro level (a single department) or even on an individual level.

The written testing of the foreign language level takes into account the lexical range, the accuracy of expression, functional styles and grammar competences.

The language testing includes two implementation phases:

1. Analyzing the impact of a linguistic training within the company and/or the needs for evaluation and recruitment

Within this stage, the specific needs of the position occupied by the employee or of the department and the medium- and long-term objectives of the company are identified.

2. Evaluating existing linguistic competences

In this stage, the employee‘s or the department‘s real level of knowledge is established. The testing procedure is implemented through the platform, followed by the generation of a complex report, based on the indicators of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which offers the company a general image of the tested language skills.

The main benefits of the language testing process are:

a. The accurate rendering of the linguistic competence level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

b. Personalization of testing/training tools

c. Creating a testing/training program adapted to specific needs

d.The client’s possibility to establish a coherent strategy with regard to foreign languages training.