About Us

Why Awesome2Learn.com?

Awesome2Learn offers an innovating, flexible and creative manner of learning a foreign language, based on each student’s learning profile.

Having a relevant expertise in the domain of linguistic training, allowing us to understand the management and operational challenges that companies are faced with, particularly the managers’ need to offer employees the possibility to undergo a training program tailored to their own learning rhythm, Awesome2Learn.com represents an optimized active learning instrument, which was created based on the need of the business environment to form valid linguistic competences in a current social context. Our solution is based on tested and validated innovative blended learning methods, at the same time offering students an intuitive usage experience.

Benefits for companies

Through Awesome2Learn.com, managers receive a detailed report regarding the language level of the candidates or employees, in the case of recurrent linguistic evaluations. Moreover, we ensure the monitoring of the progress of each employee involved in the training process and we offer support through a dedicated account manager. The access to a complex and integrated linguistic training service translates to our partner companies in an efficient management of costs and an optimization of the investment made for each employee.

Benefits for employees

In turn, employees have the possibility to undergo foreign language training anytime and anywhere, so that their professional activity will not be influenced in a negative manner. In addition, they receive an extremely relevant and personalized learning content. The assistance received in real time from our managers, but also from a virtual trainer, accentuates the dynamics of the learning process and creates a modern and innovative educational environment.

The flexibility of the platform offers the student a fluid and friendly user experience, whereas the clear and simple structure of the training process makes it easy to complete. The familiar framework in which the user is situated and the intuitive design mean that Awesome2Learn is the ideal corporate learning management solution.

The Awesome method

Our team of linguistic training experts has created an efficient and innovative learning methodology tailored to the corporate environment, based on the needs of both student and company but also taking into account the characteristic traits of his/her professional activity.

I. Step one: creating the profile

Each client is assigned an Account Manager who builds an individualized profile, made up of a series of specific elements, such as: activity domain, linguistic objectives, the level of the students, etc.

II. Step two: personalizing the course

Based on the client’s profile and their specific needs, a team of linguistic trainers builds a personalized course, both on a linguistic level – terms and expressions specific to the activity domain, as well as regarding the course schedule and the evaluation methods.

III. Step three: evaluating the student’s performance

We know that any evaluation can create discomfort for the student, which is why our consultants create a series of dynamic and progressive evaluations of the reached performance level. Thus, partner companies are offered regular reports regarding the progress of employees, and the latter undergo training in a dynamic and versatile manner.