LMS Solutions

Awesome was created with the intent to not only offer an all-in-one, ready-to-go, competitive online learning solution but also become a custom LMS solutions provider for those organizations that have identified the need for such a bespoke tool and/or content.

Customized solutions

Having a custom LMS is the ideal way to efficiently manage the training process for multiple users simultneously, in a 100% customizable environment which can reflect (amongst others) the client company’s values, its visual identity, strategy etc.

Our team is always ready to perform an in-depth needs assessment for your company, aiming to gather the necessary information in order to be able to offer you a relevant tailor-made solution.

Content development

Awesome proposes yet another added-value services to its partners, under the form of content development.

In order to assist your company with implementing the best training and testing strategies possible, after an in-depth needs analysis we can provide you with the most relevant, customized learning or testing content.

By choosing a specialized partner for such a task, your company can:

Save time;

Free up your professionals’ agendas by outsourcing such a task;

Save money by opting for customized packages which offer the best quality/price ratio possible;

Use relevant, professional tools in order to reach their training or testing goals.