Online language learning

We offer our business partners worldwide varied foreign language courses and multiple possibilities for personalizing the learning process through the e-learning platform.
Awesome offers a Blended Learning training package that consists of an online platform, a virtual trainer and a dedicated project manager.

Awesome online course

The online foreign languages courses are 100% personalized, based on the objectives and learning rhythm of each student, but also their employer’s area of activity.

Blended Learning

A Blended Learning course package is a harmonious mix between the classic foreign language course (classroom training) and the online one, through the Awesome2Learn platform.


The innovative feel of Awesome is underlined, among others, by the fact that each student may enter his/her account anytime, from anywhere, and may use the product in a useful and innovative manner. A virtual trainer offers step-by-step support to each student, thus being an efficient tool for managing the learning process. Real time progress monitoring and the permanent feedback given to both student and employer, at preset intervals, make this process the perfect choice for efficiently reaching objectives.

The 6 learning modules (levels) for each language (A1-C2), with specific cultural annotations, may be completed in an accelerated rhythm, of up to 3 levels a year. The audio-video content that trains students in real-life and/or business situations allows them to practice and integrate the learned notions in their daily activity. Benefiting from a mix of grammar, vocabulary, listening, conversation, writing and reading exercises, each student gains linguistic competences, thus being able to take advantage of new opportunities.

The validity of the access to the platform or the purchased level varies between 3 and 12 months, and the package includes: determining the initial linguistic level, assistance from a virtual trainer, an included project manager and an honorary graduation certificate. Depending on the type of purchased package, we are able to offer additional learning materials (in printed and/or electronic form).

The Virtual Trainer is a:


regularly assigns each student learning units, manages and monitors the progress


answers questions and supervises the learning process


the students receive advice and solutions regarding the studied linguistic matters


evaluates individual performances at any moment of the learning process through testing and course reports


Online Course (with the help of the Awesome2Learn platform) + Classic Course

This type of course offers numerous advantages, the first being the flexibility that the students benefit from due to the accessibility of their Awesome account anytime, from anywhere and whenever they need it, during the validity period. Moreover, they receive attractive materials, adapted to their linguistic needs. The personalization level can even reach 100% , depending on the specific activity domain and the company’s objectives.

Depending on the learning rhythm, up to 3 modules per year can be completed, each course containing 10 learning units or lessons. Also, from the approximately 50 sessions of a classic foreign language module (classroom training), one may opt for a minimum of 10 classic sessions, in the classroom.

In addition, each person will receive permanent support and counseling, both from the virtual trainer and from the trainer in the classroom.

The E-learning department coordinates all training projects, which have the following stages:

1. Establishing needs and objectives

2. Evaluating the initial level of students through the language level testing process

3. Creating groups and distributing materials

4. Assigning trainers (virtual and/or physical)

5. Monitoring and coordinating the project

6. Distributing the learning units to the students by the trainer

7. Following the progress of the students

8. Permanent counseling throughout the modules

9. Organizing progressive and intermediary tests

10. Final evaluation of the progress